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Mihrabat Korusu;

Mihrabat Korusu was a weeding gift given by the groom to his wife Rukiye Hanım having unveiled her veil and seen her face for the first time . for centuries the full moon nights , music and songs that featured the place entertained the sultans with its stunning view and giving inspirations to artists in various fields, now Mihrabat Korusu hosts your happiness and your valuable guests in your most special moments.

Mihrabat Korusu is located in back of Kanlıca where our lively vibrant pin trees under your sight, you can see Ortaköy coast, Rumeli Fort, İstinye Bay with an absolutely breathtaking landscape   waiting your sight to touch them.

With the unique view of Mihrabat Korusu you will be convinced how right you are for choosing it.

Mihrabat Korusu built on an area of approximately 210.000m2 which has restaurant, cafe, organizations, social and cultural events, walkways and amphitheater,  child park and large parking spaces, all your needs have been considered. The past and the future, the unique Bosphorus view of Asia and Europe all are integrated in one place where you can experience four seasons as a dream. We would be glad inviting our valuable guests to share with us the ultimate happiness